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20 Questions | Building Relationships

20 Questions | Relationships

  1. What dark secret have you sworn Someone to keep quiet and why?
  2. How have you protected Someone and do they know about it?
  3. How do you feel about your financial situation in comparison to Someone? How does this affect your relationship?
  4. You cannot understand why Someone loves something you despise. What is it and how does this affect your relationship?
  5. You and Someone have very different approaches to handling stressful situations. How does this affect your relationship?
  6. What is something you repeatedly do for Someone that brings you joy, even though they don’t seem to notice?
  7. If you could say something to Someone, knowing they would forget it immediately, what would you say to them?
  8. How have you gone to great lengths to get to know Someone you admire?
  9. You lied to Someone about something. What was it? Did they find out? Who else knows?
  10. What trait do you envy in Someone and what do you do to try to be more like them?
  11. What is something you don’t want to be revealed to Someone and why?
  12. Someone encountered you in a vulnerable state. What happened and how does that make you feel?
  13. What do you respect about Someone’s personality and why?
  14. Why do you believe in Someone more than you believe in yourself?
  15. You let Someone down. How and why, and are you sorry that you did it?
  16. You are constantly reminded of an embarrassing situation involving Someone. What is it and why are you still haunted by it?
  17. What kind of example do you set for Someone to follow?
  18. What is something Someone does that you find odd, but also fascinating?
  19. You and Someone have overcome a similar traumatic experience. What was it and how have you bonded over that?
  20. What did Someone do to help you get through a difficult time?
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