Mystic Aether™


Introduction by Eirnan Kaya, Teorama, Lumaeri, 252 F.S.

World of Mira

Mira™ is a fictional world created by Lauren Bilanko full of magic and science shrouded in intrigue and mystery.

Welcome to Blackbottom

Blackbottom is a metropolitan city in the Wolfbane region of Lumaeri. Visit Blackbottom today and let the adventure begin!

Sapient Guide

A Sapient Guide of the People of Mira. Let the adventure begin!

Character Background

Create a character full of depth and personality by choosing an Archetype, Profile, and Specialization.

20 Questions | Relationships

Create strong relationships among your Adventuring Party with these 20 Questions.

20 Questions | Situations

What concern do you have for the Situation, and what do you plan to do about it? What have you discovered about the ...
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