I am interested in collaborating with storytellers, artists, musicians, and creative visionaries.

My specialties are portrait and narrative photography, film and video director of photography, and storyboarding, writing interactive experiences, and roleplaying games. 


I have found that pen & in drawing and miniature painting are a great way for me to relax and unwind. It would be a pleasure and and honor to make something custom for you. 

Pen & Ink Botanical drawings on watercolor paper are typically 9x12" or smaller. Let me know if there is a specific song or album you would like me to listen to and if you have a type of plant you would like me to create. The plant can be real or fictional.

Custom miniature painting can be done on a mold you have, or I am happy to chat with you about options, and help you find the perfect figure to represent your character or concept.

Fine Art Photography

Limited edition digital photographic C-Prints can be purchased through RoGallery. If you are interested in any photographs or collections not listed in the gallery, please let me know.


This website is a work in progress, if you are interested in seeing more examples of my work, please let me know.

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