Ben Kingsley | In Character by Howard Schatz

Ben Kingsley | In Character by Howard Schatz

Interview Series


Ben Kingsley

World renowned photographer Howard Schatz sits down with actor Ben Kingsley to gain insight on his career and what he loves about the trade. Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his photoshoot for Vanity Fair and Howard's "In Character" series. Ben Kingsley is known for his roles in Gandhi, Schindler's List, The Wackness, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Moses, and many others. He is an accomplished stage actor as well.

I worked for Howard Schatz as his fulltime first assistant for two years and then freelanced with him for many years after that. He started the In Character project for Vanity Fair at that time.

For the In Character project we would shoot portraits in the studio and then record video for the interview and the Actors Acting portion. We had so many amazing actors come through the studio. Each shoot was a small crew and intimate setting which allowed Howard to connect with his subjects. 


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