Budos Band | Magus Mountain

Music Video by Lauren Bilanko

Writer / Director / Camera

The Wizard

The Wizard gathers adventurers and journeys to The Druid on Magus Mountain.

Budos Band was holding a "make a video contest" for their new song Mangus Mountain and one of my employees at Twenty Sided Store really wanted to submit something for it, however the deadline was in 2 days.

I think we spent a total of 6 hours making this video from start to finish. Rob and I storyboarded the idea in an hour, we roped in staff and customers, and were off shooting. The next day we got in a few more shots done in the afternoon. I then rushed back to the office and cut the footage to the song.

I had been years since I used editing software so I was learning Premiere while editing this project. It was a lot of fun.