by Eirnan Kaya
Teorama, Lumaeri, 252 F.S.

When I was a child, my mother would hand me her deck of cards wrapped in a silk scarf to play with while she was working. I would spread out all the cards on the floor and pretend I was a Retorika making up elaborate stories based on the images. I didn’t know what the images meant or how to play the game, so I would just draw one card, then another, and then another, adding details to the story until I got through all 28 cards. The story was always different and it never ended the same way twice.
When my mother passed away, I kept the deck as a keepsake. I later learned that the cards were used by seers called Archura and that her deck was extremely rare. Most of the scholars I spoke with had never seen a deck like this before, nor did they believe in the existence of Archura. Those who did, called it Reverie and believed that visionaries would craft their own decks to learn The Way of the Archura.
It is unknown how many Reverie decks were made and if other decks still exist today. What we do know is that the decks use similar symbols and imagery to depict the patterns of the universe. The symbols are based on the five elements and map the cycle of Mira’s two Suns and three Moons, creating the Archurian Calendar we still use today.
People near and far commissioned Archura to foretell events to come, providing them with a greater understanding of themselves, the passage of time, and the magic that connects us all. Through Reverie, Archura could predict the coming seasons and unlock the mysteries of the universe. By reappropriating found images or creating the illustrations themselves, the deck of cards helped contextualize the messages the Archura received from The Hive.
The deck you hold in your hand is a first edition replica of the handmade deck that my mother passed down to me. I have learned so much through my journey with this deck, and I am excited to share what I know with you in the hope that you will pass on what you learn from your practice with those who follow.
The lore depicted on each card contains the keys to unlock secrets that have been protected by the Fantômas warrior librarians for over 200 years. Let this deck be your guide in the shadows and illuminate your path.

“See what cannot be seen. ” – Unknown

The Reverie Deck

Reverie Deck Card Back

Illustrations by Kyp Malone

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