Mira Mountains Illustration by Lauren Bilanko

World of Mira


Mira™ is a world where magic and science are intertwined. Set in an industrialized era of technology, cities bustle with state of the art AetherRail transportation, Steamships sail the seas, and luxury Airships provide sky travel for the wealthy.


Everything in the Universe is made up of Aether. This gaseous element is one of the five basic universal elements alongside air, water, fire, and earth. It can be collected and used as energy. This discovery has furthered technological developments, yet the full scope of its practical uses and applications are still a mystery.

  • Liquid Aether is harvested from storm clouds by Meteormancers.
  • Crystalline Aether is created by Aether particles being exposed to extremely high temperatures and rapid cooling of Aether particles and volcanic activity.
  • Flogstin is a solid rock of biomass containing Aether that formed over millions of years through the natural biodegradation of organic matter deep underground.

The Hive

A hivemind or collective consciousness within the fabric of the Universe.


Reverie™ is the ability to tap into the collective consciousness of The Hive. It is extremely rare and very difficult to master. Many visionaries read cards and use magic to scratch at the surface. The Archura are born with an innate ability to Reverie naturally, allowing them to communicate with The Hive. However, most people believe the Archura are a myth, and the ways of Reverie are lost to time.

Sankta Groves

Sankta Groves are sentient sacred forests. These Groves can be as small as one tree or as large as an entire continent. The last Sankta Grove, Koritaanka, was destroyed in the Great Calamity. Before it was leveled, Koritaanka was so fruitful that it supplied most of the world’s need for natural resources. The sudden, unexplained loss of Koritaanka threatened to not only increase scarcity, but undermined the tenuous peace between all the nations.


Nearly 500 years ago, a sudden catastrophic event changed Mira forever. A blast originating from Koritanka leveled the last Sankta Grove, created an Ashen Sea of molten minerals, and kicked off a worldwide twenty-year Endless Winter. Strange, oversized monsters called Quarow roamed the world and brought destruction to the fragmented civilizations trying to rebuild. Many creatures became extinct.

  • The Dragons, dwindling in numbers after the Tusked Wars, were one of the many species to become extinct during the Endless Winter.

  • The Fanged Plague wiped out many people. The Moonwalkers were blamed and now Shifting is feared and oppressed.

  • After the Quarow destroyed most of the Wolfbane region, the Five City-States have banned the use of Summoning magic.

  • Most of history was lost during the Great Calamity. The Fantômas, warriors and sworn protectors of knowledge, were formed in response.

  • It is widely believed that the Old Gods fell at that time. Visionaries and believers today are alone in their faith.

The Toxic Forest

A Toxic Forest of oversized fungal trees now stands where Koritaanka once stood. A sap-like substance called Milkwood can be tapped from the trees deep in the heart of the Toxic Forest. Milkwood is heavily regulated.

  • Combined with Liquid Aether, it creates an electric current that has been used in many modern innovations, from Aether powered lights, to state of the art AetherRail systems in cities like New Aurelia.
  • Madmilk is a drug derived from Milkwood. The sale and distribution of Madmilk is illegal in the 5 City-States. It causes hallucinations and can be highly addictive. It is a popular party drug.
  • Honeymilk is a new fashionable drink created by Raxlim Pharmaceuticals. It can be served warm or poured over ice. It contains small amounts of Milkwood and has a refreshing taste.

The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is within a triangular area of the ocean where weather patterns converge, creating a whirlpool effect that pulls ships in and spits them out way off course (if they are lucky enough to survive the destructive hurricane winds). The Maelstrom can be seen off the coast of Blackbottom in the Mistero Sea. Most sailors do their best to avoid getting too close and many will go miles out of their way to avoid passing through the Maelstrom to get to their destination. A famous ship, The Darya, disappeared in the Maelstrom 100 years ago. No wreckage found, no letters home, just gone – vanished!

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