Sapient Guide

Sapient Guide

People of Mira

Mira Character Sketches by Sarah Trautman @2024 Studio Bilanko and Twenty Sided Store LLC. All rights reserved.



Lifespan: 98 Years

Orvir might be considered ordinary, but you are certainly unique in your own right. You can live in almost any climate and adapt to just about any situation. The majority of sapients are Orvir.


Lifespan: 98 Years

Your small stature has awarded you many advantages. You are comfortable in tight spaces, and can easily make your way through a crowd or tangle of overgrown undergrowth.


Lifespan: 168 Years

You are born with the ability to Reverie. You may be well-versed in the Way of the Archura, learned to interpret the visions from the Hive on your own, or believe your visions are nothing more than intense lucid dreams. Most discredit Reverie as a parlor trick.


Lifespan: 140 Years

You are a creature of the night. You can take on the form of a wolf or a bat whenever you like. Your lineage dates back to the old world. Your kind is scarce. While once revered, Moonwalkers are now feared and oppressed.


Lifespan: 112 Years (Young)
Lifespan: 560 Years (Elder)

As a young Sevfina you developed heightened senses and the signs of aging on your body slowed down as your ears grew pointier. At 100 years of age, you may have taken on a mentor and performed the rite of passage to become an Elder, dedicating your wisdom and perspective of long life to a greater purpose.



Warm-blooded Tuskfolk
Lifespan: 84 Years

Your defining feature is your tusks, which some believe grow to fit your personality. You adapt well to high altitudes, and thrive in mountainous and grassland environments. You share traits with warm-blooded creatures and easily form symbiotic relationships with animals. Abatour belong to a herd and tend towards vegetarianism


Cold-blooded Hornedfolk
Lifespan: 112 years

Your horns are considered sacred and can take many forms. Your smooth reptilian skin ranges in color with patches of scaly skin around the elbows and other parts of your body. You may have gills for breathing underwater, or perhaps you are heat tolerant and blend into desert-like surroundings. Draecling typically lay their eggs underground or underwater.


Lifespan: 112 Years

You communicate your emotions through body language and speak with a loud roar or a quiet purr. As a crepuscular creature, you tend to be most active at dawn and dusk, taking it easy during the day. You are quite tall when standing upright, yet much faster on all fours. Your tail provides added balance and coordination. Nimco have many siblings and consume a simple diet consisting mostly of meat.


Lifespan: 112 Years

Your ability to mimic sounds and speech based on your environment and social interactions allow you to easily assimilate new languages and cultures. Your arms are winged, and may grant you the ability to fly. Your feathers, beak, and talons can vary widely. Létat typically lay a single egg per clutch



Lifespan: 70 Years

You are a person with robotic modifications. Like many others, you have begun identifying as Symn claiming that the changes to your physiology have changed how you and the world perceive you. You may have received your augmentations working for one of the major corporations in a factory or mining Milkwood in the Toxic Forest, or perhaps you fashioned your own modifications by procuring secondhand parts on the black market.


Mineral Genus
Lifespan: 224 years

You are made up of interconnected entangled particles bound together by your sentience. Your true form is translucent and smoke-like, with polyhedral crystals that catch the light. Reflecting the world around you, you take on a pure expression of your identity or a familiar persona. You are in tune with the resonance of the universe and have a telepathic connection with your siblings. You communicate using the language of sound and vibration called Prismica. When you die, the energy that binds you dissipates. You may choose the time of your passing to create five new Mica that will evolve with your sentience. This ritual requires that your departing particles become entangled with a new mineral substrate within a crystalline structure composed of one of the five elements - air, earth, fire, water, and aether.

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