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Sapient Guide

Human Sapients

Mira Sapient Orvir – Art by Eryck Tait


Human Tallfolk

Lifespan: 98 Years

Orvir might be considered ordinary to other humans, but you are certainly unique in your own right. You can live in almost any climate and adapt to just about any situation. You are strong willed and resilient and take hardship day by day. With an average lifespan, Orvir form close relationships quickly and tend to be preoccupied with the needs and concerns of the present moment, while taking time to appreciate the little things in life. The majority of humans are Orvir.

Mira Sapient Fortivir – Art by Eryck Tait


Human Smallfolk

Lifespan: 98 Years

Your small stature has awarded you many advantages over the years. You are comfortable in tight spaces and you can easily make your way through a crowd or a tangle of overgrown wildlife. As a Fortivir you have an advantage when taking on professions that would be backbreaking or impossible for Tallfolk.


Human Variants 

Mira Sapient Archura – Art by Eryck Tait


Human Variant Seer

Lifespan: 168 Years

You are a human born with a rare ability. You can go into Reverie™ and tap into The Hive. You have learned to interpret the visions and patterns, foretelling the past, present, and future. The Archura are believed to be a myth. You tend to be discredited by those who have never experienced a connection with The Hive. Throughout history, Archura have been known to seek each other out and form small cabals.

Mira Sapient Moonwalker – Art by Eryck Tait


Human Variant Wolfkin

Lifespan: 140 Years

The blood of wolves courses through your veins. Your lineage dates back to the old world. Your kind is scarce. You can take on the form of a wolf and howl at the moons, but it is best not to let anyone see you do it. Moonwalkers, while once worshiped, are now feared and oppressed.

Mira Sapient Elder – Art by Eryck Tait


Human Variant Elven

Lifespan: 112 - 560 Years

Ever since you were a child people would always say that you seemed wise for your years or that you had an old soul. It is possible you come from a long line of Elves, or perhaps you struggled to understand why your younger sibling seems to have aged a decade beyond you.

Young Elf (Lifespan 112). During Sevfina juvenescence (sometime between the ages 28-56) you developed heightened senses and the signs of aging on your body slowed down. As your ears grow pointier, life offers you an opportunity. When the time comes you may choose to leave your human life behind and continue on a sacred path for hundreds of years.
Elder Sage (lifespan 560). At 100 years of age, you began preparations with a Mentor to undergo your Rites of Passage to become a Sage. Your long life grants you the perspective and wisdom necessary to serve a greater purpose towards maintaining balance in the Universe. Who is your Mentor and what is your greater purpose?



Human Variant Cyborg

Lifespan: 70 Years

You are a human with robotic modifications. Fully Symn beings have not yet been realized, though some say it is only a matter of time. Humans with cybernetic prosthetics have begun identifying as Symn as they claim the changes to their physiology have changed how they and the world see themselves. Modifications are expensive and only available on the black market. If you are a Miner in the Toxic Forest, you may be eligible to receive modifications through your employer.

Non-Human Sapients (Dragon Descent)

Mira Sapient Abatour – Art by Eryck Tait


Warm-Blooded Tuskfolk

Lifespan: 84 Years

You adapt well to different environments especially mountainous and grassland regions. You are able to breath in high altitudes. You easily bond with nomadic animals forming a symbiotic relationship over time. Abatour tend to lean towards vegetarianism. Your defining feature is your tusks. Some believe an Abatour's tusks grow to fit their personality. Your teeth can vary in size and shape and can protrude from your lower jaw, upper jaw, or both.

 Mira Sapient Draecling – Art by Eryck Tait


Cold-Blooded Hornedfolk

Lifespan: 112 years

The blood of dragons and daemons courses through you. You have an innate ability to manipulate one of the four elements (earth, air, fire, water). Your smooth reptilian skin can range from a variety of colors with patches of scaly skin around the elbows and other parts of your body. Your horns are considered sacred and can take many forms. Draecling lay their eggs in water.


Mira Sapient Mica – Art by Kyp Malone


Mineral Genus

Lifespan: 224 years

Your true form is translucent and smoke-like, made of tiny polyhedral particles that catch the light like glitter. You are made up of interconnected entangled particles that hold your form together and you can change between several different personas depending on your mood.
Young Mica can be very experimental with trying out various forms they are familiar with. As you age, you adopt a handful of personas that best express yourself to the world around you.
When a Mica dies, the binding energy separates, and the particles make a departure from the self. As you depart, several new Mica can evolve. This happens when the departing particles become entangled with a new mineral particle. Every Mica has a unique molecular make-up, no two Mica are alike.


Mira Sapient Nimco – Art by Eryck Tait



Lifespan: 112 Years

You are quite tall when standing upright, yet you prefer to fight on all fours. You find that you are most active early in the morning and late at night, taking it easy during the day. You like your independence and tend to bond strongly with a few close friends. Your long tail gives aid in balance and coordination, while your claws help you climb with ease. You can have a wide range of fur length, color, and pattern. Your diet is simple and consists mostly of meat.


Mira Sapient Létat – Art by Eryck Tait



Lifespan: 112 Years

Your feathers, beak, and talons can vary widely depending on your species. You have wings attached to your arms and you can fly. You can mimic other voices and sounds you have heard. Létat have great voices and many have made their fame performing in the opera. Some have used their skills for justice, presiding over legal matters. While others take their aims high, soaring the land in seek of adventure.

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