Welcome to Blackbottom

Welcome to Blackbottom


Falcon's Rest Amphitheatre

Carved into the cliffs over a 100 years ago, The Falcon's Rest offers gorgeous views of the bay, providing the perfect backdrop to Blackbottom's world-famous sunsets. The limestone architecture creates impeccable acoustics, making it a premier destination to see the biggest stars in Mira. Attend a live performance at the Amphitheatre! Tickets for The Lover's Quarrel starring Apollonas Petri and Corinna Dala are on sale now!

Bayside Gardens

Blackbottom’s Bayside Gardens are truly the hidden gem of our city and a wonder to behold. With a scenic overlook, beautifully manicured flower beds, and gorgeous cobblestone pathways, you’ll find your worries melting away with every breath of refreshing sea air.

Belt Marketplace

Local artisans and traveling merchants will entice you with quality goods at great prices that you can’t find anywhere else. Fresh bread, cured meats, and fine wines – a shopping spree in the Market will satisfy any desire! Check out the latest inventions and gadgets. Get fitted for a custom suit, pick up fine silks and exotic spices, and don’t forget to stop by Orvir Oracles to get your fortune told.


New Aurelia Railway & Co. (ARC) Logo

New Aurelia Railway & Co.

Founded by Ayça Law, ARC is the leader in technological advancement. Thanks to ARC's achievements, Blackbottom uses state of the art Aether energy, providing more efficient power than flogston or steam.

Visit the ARC headquarters and check out the latest AetherRail prototypes!


Foundation for Natural Exploration (FNE) Logo

Foundation for Natural Exploration

Headed by Archaeologist, Dr. Pelin Reece, this nonprofit research institution is committed to unraveling the unsolved mysteries of our time. FNE Adventurers carry out field expeditions around the world researching the unknown, exploring untamed lands, and recovering lost artifacts.

Indulge your curiosity and visit the Natural Exploration Museum today – who knows what you may discover!



Cliffside Casino

Indulge and be seen at Cliffside Casino. Win Big! Swanky staff serve fine foods and classy drinks. Roll dice, take bets, and make lasting memories. Membership has its privileges – mingle with the high rollers and relax in the executive lounge.

Blackbottom University

The cornerstone of all learning in Blackbottom. Students who walk these halls are destined to become the next great thinkers, leaders, and innovators. Those with interests in scholarly pursuits may visit the University library, and prospective students are always welcome to tour our hallowed halls.

Historic Downtown

The carved facades of Blackbottom’s municipal buildings have been meticulously maintained and will tell their story for generations to come. Visit City Hall to learn about the Treaty of Blackbottom. Sit in the gallery during a public hearing to take in the fine craftsmanship of the stone pillars within our Judicial Courts. Don’t forget to swing by the Records Office, to register your residency in Blackbottom, should you decide to stay awhile.

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Getting Around Dock City

Answer the call of the sea and mosey on down to Dock City! This impressive labyrinth of piers and docks harbors ships of all sizes from houseboats, to great fishing vessels, to massive cargo barges.

Dock 1

Enjoy fresh fish, fruits and vegetables from the local food stands.

Dock 2

Merchant ships unload international trade goods to sell in the Market.

Dock 3

Customs and Immigration welcome newcomers to Blackbottom.

Dock 4

Admire private sailboats of the rich and famous and book a luxury cruise tour.

Dock 5

Check out the latest manufactured goods and technology from New Aurelia.

The Clam Shack

Meet the folks that keep Blackbottom afloat. Enjoy a bowl of chowder and lobster roll served on fresh bread. Toxic Tuesdays – Miners of the Toxic Forest drink for free!

Gondola Rides

Slow your travels down with a leisurely gondola ride through Dock City at night. Gondoliers will transport you to simpler times as you tour Blackbottom’s beautiful bay. There’s no better way to follow up a romantic evening.

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